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All About Bio-Enzymes: How You Can Make Chemical-Free Floor Cleaners from Kitchen Waste!

12 Jul 2019 3:11 PM | Anonymous

Over the past few years, Bengaluru has been facing a very peculiar yet worrying problem – the frothing of lakes. The foamy layers of clouds floating atop the lakes are visible throughout the year but get especially aggravated during monsoons. As the winds grow stronger and water levels increase, this polluted froth then spills over on to the streets and even houses.

The sudsy foam is a direct result of commercial and residential effluents being channelled to contained water bodies. Media reports state that the foam is not only toxic in nature but also carcinogenic, exposing the general public to known and unknown risks.  Read More...


  • 29 Oct 2019 10:54 AM | Anonymous
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    • 30 Dec 2019 2:59 PM | Treat Assignment Help
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  • 24 Jul 2020 10:33 PM | Joanna M. Perez
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